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A Berlin Wall, photograph Philip Davenport. Berlin, 2018

This visual-text-art-blog-anthology contains visual poetry, minimalist poetry, book art, mail art, word painting, contemporary calligraphy, word sculpture, visual-text-centered collage, visual-text-centered photography, mathematical poetry and other kindred expressions with a deep history back to rock art. The blog is a kind of "second volume" of illustrations for my book a history of visual text art (Apple Pie Editions 2018, free e-book download here)

The purpose here is to provide the best possible works to a world audience... and start dialogue.

To begin, I've invited editors I know to select work they feel is important. What follows is their choice. Other Guest Editors will be welcomed into the sharing on this blogsite, set up specially for the purpose. I've also invited essayists along, to ride the flow. 

This project began as a conversation with Anindya Ray, who set up the host site. Shuddhobroto Rauth has kindly given technical support. Copyright for all works remains with contributors -- please contact them via weblinks to obtain permission to republish. 

Philip Davenport is our first Guest Editor and is my Co-Editor for the whole project as we go into this...

karl kempton

Untitled, painting. Bin Qualander.

Some thanks

Anindya Ray gave birth to the idea for India’s first international visual text art blog anthology, Synapse International. He approached me to be its lead editor in November, 2016. Thus, I have the honor of editing this historic venture with the skilled help of my Co-Editor, Philip Davenport. Despite his busy schedule and commitments, he volunteered for the heavy lifting, shortlisting works and composing each page as a discreet sequence. He also selected and edited the European section and shortlisted all the works from wider selections I provided from various invitees in the field of visual text art. Philip's small press Apple Pie are the publisher of my e-book 
a history of visual text art, which has a reach all the way back to prehistory -- and complements Philip's 2013 anthology of language art, THE DARK WOULD.

I additionally would like to thank Harry Polkinhorn for the Argentine collection and César Espinosa for the Mexican collection and Andrew Topel for allowing us to pick work from his Renegade Anthology appearing in 2019.

This selection is a suggested spectrum of available work from around the globe, Anindya Ray’s primary intent. The collection includes visual poetry, minimalist poetry, book art, mail art, word painting, asemic writing, word sculpture, visual text centered collage, visual text centered photography, mathematical poetry and other kindred expressions. 

Philip and I finally and wholeheartedly want to thank all participants in this project, for without your work the anthology would not be possible.

This blog is Apple Pie Edition ISBN 978-1-909388-25-3

a, painting Kathup Tsering


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