THREE:three [via Guest editor Rachel Robinson] / Ivana Vollaro. Artistas 24 horas & other works


Artistas 24 Horas (2021), Serie Argan, Serie Limites y deslices, Area (2018) 
COPACABANA (2004), Una rosa, es una (2010), El Grito de Munch

Ivana Vollaro 

(b. 1971, Buenos Aires) works on the links between word and image, investigating the boundaries between the formal and the informal, the language and the errors that generate those limits.

Since her early projects, Vollaro's work has been inscribed within Conceptualism and the tradition of Visual poetry, Graphic art and Mail art. Through the subtlety of humor, her works become a territory for reflection on form, translation and identity. Vollaro’s production crosses multiple media, including publications and artist’s books, photography, video and installation, as well as performance and sound pieces. 

Vollaro studied Arts (1993-1997) and Law (1989-1992) at the Universidad de Buenos Aires She attended Mirtha Dermisache’s workshops and participated in experimental poetry festivals and biennials since the late 90s.

In 2003, she received the Beca Antorchas grant to work with artist Lenora de Barros, investigating experimental poetry. Since then, Vollaro has maintained a close connection to the Brazilian art scene. She received a Creation Grant by the Asociación Argentina de Críticos de Arte (2006). In 2012, she was an artista in residence at the Universidade de Verão, Capacete, Rio de Janeiro.

She has published: Além da página, Editora Paréntesis (2019); Quase o mesmo. Em torno da tradução, Editora Paréntesis (2017); Réplica [replica], Editora Paréntesis, Florianópolis (2016); Listas, con Juan Carlos Romero. Edições Tijuana; Galeria Vermelho, São Paulo (2013 y 2017). Alfaboca, mini-clips vocálicos. Video, Limited Edition, São Paulo (2004).

Vollaro is currently working on LiVro, a publication by Editora Paréntesis, Florianopolis, which will be released in 2022.