THREE:three: [via Guest editor Rachel Robinson] / Ana María Uribe: ciberpoesía semiótica pt 2

Stills from ‘Deseo/Desejo/Desire’ (2002)

In the three instances of the poem, different letters dance together with movements of desire, each instant with its own music. While each instant expresses desire, each language expresses it differently. On the one hand, these languages represent distinct cultures, and the poems thus imitate the cultural conditions of desire. On the other hand, the distinct code or signifiers of each language move in their unique way.

From ‘¿Metálico o de plástico? (1999)

Each line of ‘V’s in this poem changes one by one into ‘W’s moving up the page, and then the ‘W’s change back to ‘V’s back down the page, creating the effect of a zipper being zipped and unzipped.

Still from ‘Primavera’ (1999)

Here, the lower case ‘p’s are added one by one on top of each other; each line grows taller just as flowers do, with the circles of the ‘p’s as leaves and the stem of the ‘p’s becoming the stems of the flowers.

*Some of these descriptions are developed from my article, written with Felipe Cussen, The Spirituality of Language in Cecilia Vicuña’s and Ana María Uribe’s Visual Poetry.