THREE:two / Kristine Snodgrass. Glitches



Kristine Snodgrass: Glitch 1, Glitch 2, Glitch 3


Kristine Snodgrass: Glitch 7

Kristine Snodgrass

Kristine Snodgrass is an artist living in Tallahassee, Florida. Her digital art has been featured in many journals and blogs, as well as published in solo and collaborative collections: RANK (JackLeg Press), American Apparell (Alien Buddha Press), Neon Galax with Andrew Brenza (Unsolicited Press) and Loom with Collin J. Rae (Alien Buddha Press). Kristine features her work regularly on Facebook. Her latest solo collection, ThwRt, is looking for a home. You can find more about Kristine at


“My digital works explore the intersections of glitching, distortion, bodies, and societal infrastructures, but I think it is much more complex; the glitch reimagines the text and image, dissecting it and rearranging it in the spirit of asemics. Or pansemic. Or abstract. The more things are obliterated, the more they are built. ‘Glitch’ is a catch-all in a way—my work is done with Facebook ads and phone apps, mostly. The deconstruction is latent until the viewer meets the visual in an extended dialogue. A dialogue that lacks conventions.”