THREE:two / Claire Durand-Gasselin. I Trim Trees & other works


I Trim Trees, Impossible to draw, No Idea, Pursuit Of, Shortcomings
Bottled up feelings

Claire Durand-Gasselin

Claire Durand-Gasselin is a visual poet and book artist, born in France and living on the beautiful Central Coast of California. On top of her creative practice, she designs books for indie presses and authors. She’s also a French teacher, and the Artistic Director of Mad Gleam Press, a bilingual collective of writers and artists based in Monterey, CA, New-York City, and Paris, France. More at and on Instagram @clairettedg.

“These pieces are made with discarded material that I find during daily walks (pieces of objects, scraps of paper, natural elements...), in my daily life (packages, miscellaneous objects... ), and words that I extract from old books and magazines. I try to find a way for words and visuals to work together intimately – it is not about describing an image with poetry, or illustrating a poem with an image, it's about finding the poem that is born from the encounter of an idea and a material, the dialogue between words and objects. There is a spiritual practice at work. It shows in the active attention to the present and my surroundings when finding and gathering discarded material around me, and in choosing to not work with ‘noble’ traditional art material. The idea is to find poetry everywhere, specifically in small ‘humble’ things that are not usually considered poetic.”