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J.I. Kleinberg

In the unrelenting battle against doggerel and sloth, J.I. Kleinberg wields recycle-bin magazines, x-acto knife, and glue. More than five hundred of her visual poems, which explore the accidental syntax of unintentional phrases, have been published in print and online journals worldwide. An artist, poet, freelance writer, and three-time Pushcart and Best of the Net nominee, she lives in Bellingham, Washington, USA, and on Instagram @jikleinberg. For the month of May 2022, a solo exhibit of her work is on display at Peter Miller Books in Seattle.

“These visual poems are from an ongoing series of collages built from phrases created through the accident of magazine page design. Each contiguous fragment of text (roughly the equivalent of a poetic line) is entirely removed from its original sense and syntax. The text is not altered (except for the occasional deletion of prefixes, suffixes, or punctuation) and includes no attributable phrases. The lines of each collage are, in most cases, sourced from different magazines.​ The creation process is visual – the words, the torn edges, the small cascade of phrases afloat on the background – somewhere between Dada and Twitter, between ransom note and haiku.”